Run For Good

Run For Good

Anchorage RunFest partners with not-for-profit organizations to allow our runners the opportunity to “Run for Good.” Consider making your run count for many by running for one of these worthy causes. Signing up is done through our online registration window.

The Children’s Lunchbox

In 1998 Bean’s Cafe board members realized that many of the poorest children in our community are at risk of not having their daily nutritional needs met. While hunger affects people of all ages, it is particularly devastating for children. Even short-term episodes of hunger can cause lasting damage to a child’s development, putting children at risk for a range of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical problems. When children receive the nutrition they need, they are more likely to move out of poverty as adults. This sparked a vision of “prevention” and Kids Cafe became a program of Bean’s Cafe.

In 2004, Bean’s Cafe renamed Kid’s Cafe to The Children’s Lunchbox as what started as a few hundred meals a month being delivered to a few programs quickly turned into a few hundred meals a day. The addition of summer food programs as well as weekend food and pantry programs has strengthened the work to assure no child is hungry.

In 2019, The Children’s Lunchbox provided more than 300,000 meals to hungry children in Anchorage. New sites and programs are added regularly to work to feed every hungry child in our community. The newest addition is the school food pantry/pantry box. The Children’s Lunchbox stepped up in March 2020 to make sure no child went hungry in Anchorage. There are distribution sites for prepared meals for kids (dinners and a snack).