Tunnel Silouette

Frequently Asked QUestions


Yes, if you can’t make it to bib pickup you can send someone to pick up your packet for you. Please bring signed permission.

There will be a reunion area in Town Square Park adjacent to the finish area. It’s a good idea to scout out a meeting spot ahead of time.

Make sure you arrive downtown with plenty of time to park if you are driving. Several streets will be closed to traffic so watch for the no parking signs. Parking is free after 6pm on weekdays. It is also free on Saturdays with a 2 hour time limit at meters, and free on Sunday.

Yes. The course will close at 3:30 PM. In order to be an official finisher, a participant must cross the finish line by 3:30 PM.

Yes. You may change events in person at bib pickup. There may be an increase in fee depending on which event you choose to switch to.

There will be an area at the start/finish to leave a bag. A plastic bag will be provided and marked with your bib number. Volunteers will guard your bag while you’re running – just present your bib and your gear will be returned to you after your race.

Average low/high temperature in August: 50/64 degrees F. Average precipitation in August: 2.89 inches.

Moose and bears live in the Anchorage bowl and surrounding mountains. They are powerful, wild animals, and should never be approached. If you see a moose or bear, stop and give the animal plenty of space. Look for signs of agitation and back away if the animal seems distressed. If you happen upon a moose calf or a bear cub, be on the lookout for the mother. It can be extremely dangerous to get between a mother and her baby. Race marshals will be patrolling the course on bicycles. If you see a moose or bear, report it to the next race marshal you see. For wildlife safety tips visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game web site.

To these animals safely, visit the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. That said, wildlife watching is a favorite Alaskan activity, and besides the large mammals, the region is home to all kinds of birds and smaller critters. Keep your eyes open and enjoy!

Yes – but only on Sunday, after all participants have picked up their shirts at bib pick-up. We will have a covered area on Sunday where shirts can be exchanged. We do our best to get you the size you need but we can’t guarantee sizes because shirts must be ordered in advance of our receiving all race entries.

No. There are no refunds. Race entry fees cannot be carried over to the next year. Bibs are not transferable and must be used by the person assigned to the number.

No. For the safety of other runners and walkers strollers, skateboards, and pets are not allowed.

For the safety of other runners and walkers, we strongly discourage this use. We have found that congestion in the tunnels is greatly hindered by runners wearing earbuds who don’t hear approaching runners and/or lead bikers trying to clear the way.