AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Location:  Bear Tooth Theatrepub, 1230 West 27th Avenue

Movie:  to be determined

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Time:  to be determined

In 2017 The Anchorage RunFest and Bear Tooth Theatrepub showed BOSTON: The Documentary. Below is information about that excellent film. We will post information on our 2018 film as soon as it is known.


BOSTON is the first ever feature-length documentary film about the world’s most legendary running race – the Boston Marathon.

The film chronicles the story of the iconic race from its humble origins starting with only 15 runners to the present day. In addition to highlighting the event as the oldest annually contested marathon in the world, the film showcases many of the most important moments in more than a century of the race’s history. Evolving from a working man’s challenge to welcoming foreign athletes and eventually women, Boston becomes the stage for many firsts and in no small part the event that paved the way for the modern marathon and mass participatory sports.

Following the tragic events of 2013, BOSTON records the preparations and eventual running of the 118th Boston Marathon one year later when runners and community gather once again in support of one another for what will be the most meaningful race of all.

Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker/marathoner Jon Dunham (Spirit of the Marathon I & II) and produced by Academy Award nominee Megan Williams, and executive produced by Academy Award nominee Frank Marshall (Back to the Future, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Sully), BOSTON is more than a running film. It is a timeless story about triumph over adversity for runner and non-runner alike.


Watch the BOSTON: THE DOCUMENTARY trailer.


Jon Dunham is an award winning filmmaker and a 25-time marathon finisher. The fusion of both these passions is reflected in his Spirit of the Marathon films.

Premiering at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival, Spirit of the Marathon won the coveted Audience Award. It was subsequently released in more than 400 cinemas across the United States, where it grossed over $1 Million in two days on its way to becoming one of the year’s most successful theatrically released documentary films. The critically acclaimed production, which has become a cult classic among runners, was followed by Spirit of the Marathon II in 2013.

BOSTON is the filmmaker’s third and final film on the subject and marks the first time in the legendary race’s history that the complete story will be told in a feature-length film.

As a cinematographer, Dunham has lensed a wide range of documentaries and has filmed on every continent.

For more about the film and its filmmakers visit the BOSTON: THE DOCUMENTARY website.

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