AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018
Jeff galloway announcing at 2015 BWLR

Jeff Galloway Running School

Jeff returned in 2017 for his 8th trip to Alaska. His running school was held on Saturday, August 19th. We do not know at this time if Jeff will be returningin 2018.

Jeff Galloway has helped over 200,000 runners reach their goals, and wants to help you. Jeff's school offers a unique system of elements that has reduced injury rate down to almost zero, with a very high rate of success. He gives you tools to manage your fatigue, with a very accurate prediction of your current fitness level and race times, and lots of practical tips that can make running more enjoyable.

Read more about Jeff's running schools.

Jeff Galloway and moose along the race course

Jeff made some new friends during the 2014 race!

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