AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018

It's National Volunteer Appreciation Month!

by RunFest Team

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and we are taking the time to thank and highlight our volunteers this month beginning with none other than our own race director, Sharron Fisherman.

Sharron accepting the 2016 RRCA Race of the Year award

In mid-March Sharron, traveled to Detroit to attend the Road Runners Club of America annual conference and to accept, on behalf of the Anchorage RunFest, the 2016 RRCA Race of the Year award. Here is an excerpt from her acceptance speech:

I’m accepting on behalf of all the volunteers. We have an all volunteer race committee who, as you all know, we spend a whole year working on the race and then we have hundreds of volunteers who come out on race weekend. That they come back every year and we all do it because we just love the sport and we just get so much satisfaction out of doing it.

And for the runners … you know our weather is ideal because it’s usually raining and temperatures are pretty well fifty.

And for the volunteers who come out every year it’s like which Gortex jacket are we gonna wear? Which rain proof shoes are we gonna wear ? It can be cool, whatever.

A good leader knows and appreciates the strength and commitment of the people who work with her. AND — they lead by example. This race would not happen without Sharron’s supreme example of what volunteering means. We suspect that most runners have no idea of how much effort she puts into this race so here is just a smidgeon of the work she does every year:

  • maintains community relations on a monthly basis
  • organizes all race committee meetings and leads them
  • reviews, coordinates, and supervises all race partnerships
  • oversees all marketing materials
  • determines registration fees and works with ChronoTrack to set up that process
  • attends race director conferences
  • oversees and coordinates all clothing and finisher medal orders
  • interacts and follows up with all vendors who participate at our finish line
  • sends our race information to multitudinous web sites and running publications
  • negotiates sponsorships of various RunFest events and how those will play out
  • works on and submits grants
  • works with the travel industry to secure airline and hotel discounts
  • drafts the budget for this event
  • reaches out and negotiate VIP participation
  • works with MOA to secure traffic control patterns and safety procedures
  • represents Anchorage RunFest at trade shows and other running expos
  • oversees course changes and pursuant race route maps
  • is on call 24/7 during race week

To top that off, Sharron has recently agreed to serve as the Alaska Representative for RRCA, and promises to be around for awhile more.

Whew! Petty amazing! From all the volunteers who work with and for you Sharron, thank your for your stellar leadership!

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