AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018

Westchester Lagoon Bridge 2.0

by ARF Team

Westchester Lagoon bridge right side

The long wait is almost over! The old bridge at Westchester Lagoon suffered a partial collapse in June 2014 and thus was closed for our August 2014 and 2015 races. Crews working on the new bridge lowered it into place on Friday, October 16th. Their work is slated to be finished by October 29th when a celebration will be held onsite from 6-8PM.

The new bridge appears to be narrower in width than the one it replaces. However, at 27 tons, this steel structure should last for many years.

At ARF we are excited to have our old marathon and half marathon courses back, meaning there will be no neighborhood detours (the neighbors are probably thrilled too). The 49K will also cross the new bridge for the first time given its inaugural race occurred in 2014 when the old bridge was closed.

Westchester Lagoon bridge view straight on

Westchester Lagoon bridge left side view

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